Orgs, Websites, Groups, Internet users Join us for Get Your Friends to Vote Day [Nov. 1]

Set up a voting block on Vote With Friends and rally more people who care about your issue to vote than ever before. Set up your custom Vote With Friends portal, activate your networks, and empower all of your supporters to become their own get-out-the-vote operations. See who's voting →Get a voting block →

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Pledge and Vote!

Did you vote already? Have you pledged? Get your own twitter badge and page, and convince your network to vote. Voting is contagious!

Get the facts

Read all the numbers and learn all the facts and be informed to help get your friends voting

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Our Strategy

Internet Votes is a modern approach to changing elections forever.

Go viral.

Every voter we reach will join the “Vote with Friends” Facebook app that lets them:
  • Invite their friends to register and vote
  • Track which friends haven't registered or pledged yet
  • Bring voters to the polls and make sure their friends vote on election day.
  • Create and join “voting blocks” for specific issues.
  • Learn more about candidates and causes they care about
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Rally supporters.

Voters can start and join voting blocks for the issues, sites, and groups they care about, and gather massive followings.

Set up Voting Blocks (coming soon)

Get. Out. The. Vote..

Every voter will have a common mission to make sure everyone votes. This includes:
  • Automated reminders about the deadlines and requirements for voting.
  • Reminders from friends.
  • Reminders to vote early (where avail.)
  • Ballots mailed to your house (where avail.)

Mobilize millions to vote.

In the days leading up to election day, the coalition of sites that acts on September 25th's Internet Voter Registration Day (all of them, we hope, and many more) will activate again to rally even more users.


No broken promises.

On election day, we'll give you a live list of your friends who haven't voted yet, so you can track them down and get them to vote.


The bottom line? It's 2012. This is how elections should be: with nobody left out, and every voter informed to the teeth on how candidates will work for them.

Join us today and be a part of changing democracy.